Stone Fruit
peachesPeaches - soft furry skin and sweet fibrous flesh. Ordered ripened or hard for poaching. Flat and white peaches are often available (see pic).
Nectarines - smooth orange-yellow skin and sweet juicy yellow or white flesh.
Apricots - yellow soft, furry skin - sweet yellow flesh. Sharper taste when under ripe.
Plums - dark red skin and flesh. Available and reliable for most of the year (see pic).
Greengages (seasonal) - only available for a small section of the summer. Amazing sweet and sour flavour. Not to be missed!
plumsDamsons (seasonal) - small dark sour plums with stones. The larger the sweeter. Only available in autumn from foragers.
Golden Plums - pale green with very sweet flesh.
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Apples & Pears
Braeburn - red dessert apple. English when available.
Cooking - large sharp tasting apple with a pale green skin.
cox applesCox (English when in season) - the best English apple when in season. Sharp taste with mottled red skin (see pic).
Golden Delicious - excellent all-round apple. Pale green to gold skin.
Granny Smith - tart and refreshing taste with crisp, juicy flesh. Skin is bright green.
Pink Lady - pink and green skin - sweet and tender flesh. One of the best eating apples.
Washington Red - American apple with dark red skin and a soft pale flesh. Shines up very well for fruit bowls.
Pears - a range of varieties which are usually available ripe or firm.
Cooking Pears - a longer and stronger fleshed pear with strong flavour.
Comice Pears - mottled green skin with a sweet and fibrous flesh.
red pearsQuince - large golden/yellow fruits. Fragrant, creamy yellow flesh.
Gala - tough yellow skin flushed with red or orange. Crispy juicy flesh.
Russet - dark red and mottled skin with spark flesh. Traditional English variety.
Red Pears - red blush down one side, shiny skin and sweet flesh. Often very small (see pic).
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orangesCitrus Fruit
Oranges - thick skin and sharp citrus tasting flesh (see pic).
Lemons - different sizes and unwaxed. Thick skin and sharp tasting flesh.
Limes - small green round shaped with light green flesh (see pic).
Grapefruit (white/pink) - large white or pink skinned grapefruit with segmented flesh.
Clementine - small thin skinned oranges available all year round. May be replaced with Mandarins, Miniolas or Satsumas.
limesPommelo - large pear shaped citrus fruit. Flesh is sharp and sweet.
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Custard Apples - green skin with a white creamy flesh containing brown seeds. Very sweet flesh.
Fejoa - green skinned oval shaped fruit with very sweet flesh, taste similar to custard.
Coconut - very hard hairy skinned shell with white flesh and coconut water inside.
Guava - green soft fruit with white seeded flesh.
Kaki Fruit - orange sour tasting fruit also known as Sharon fruit.
Kiwi (Brown/Golden/Baby) - hairy skin and sweet green flesh with tiny edible seeds.
Kumquats - tiny oranges with a very sharp taste and edible flesh.
lycheesLychees - hard pink skin with sweet white flesh around brown stone. Must be peeled (see pic).
Mangoes - soft sweet fibrous skin with green or red skin. Must be peeled.
Mangostan - hard purple skin containing segmented white flesh.
Passion Fruit - hard purple skin. Loose yellow flesh with black seeds. Sharp taste.
Paw Paw - yellow skin and flesh with a pocket on inedible black seeds.
Pineapples - sharp tasting yellow flesh and spiky skin which must be removed.
Physalis - little orange fruits with sharp taste. Pale brown leaves surround the fruit.
Pithaya - yellow spiky skin and sweet yellow flesh.
pink pitayaPink Pithaya - pink spiky skin with sweet white flesh. Larger than the yellow variety (see pic).
Pomegranate - dark red fruit with small seeds. Hard inedible shell.
Prickly Pears - fruit of a type of cactus. Minute hairs on the skin like small needles, skin must be peeled. Yellow or pink flesh with mellow warm flavour.
Rambutan - similar to the Lychees but with a hairier skin which must be peeled.
Star Fruit - green ridged skin with green sharp tasting flesh. When cut through fruit makes a star shape.
Tamarillo - wild tomato originally from South America. Sour taste and should be sweetened and baked for an excellent taste.
dried fruitFig - dark purple or occasionally green figs with sweet taste and tender skin.
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Dried Fruit
Medjool Dates - dark brown very sweet fruit with a sticky skin. Stone in.
Dried Figs - dried sweet and tasty figs sold in punnets (see pic).
dried figsDried Apricots - sweet and fibrous yellow fruits sold loose or in punnets.
Trias Prunes - dark black sweet fruit sold loose or in punnets.
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Grapes - available white, black or occasionally red. Always seedless.
white & black grapesBananas - sold individually in bunches or boxes. Ripened or green-tipped.
Plantain - savoury Banana with strong fibrous flesh.
Rhubarb (seasonal) - pink or red stems with a sharp taste. Forced when in season is recommended (see pic).
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cantaloupeCantaloupe - irregular sectional green skin and pale orange flesh (see pic).
Charentiais - nicest tasting especially when originating in France. Pale green skin and fragrant peachy-orange flesh.
Galia - spherical with netted skin and a sweet flavour when ripe.
Honeydew - smooth white or yellow ridged skins with greenish-yellow flesh. Refreshing mild taste.
Ogen - round melon with green skin and flesh. Can be cooked for summer soup.
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cherriesBlackberries - clusters of very small berries. Larger types are cultivated and sweeter. Small wild varieties are very sharp tasting.
Blueberries - small sharp berries with tiny seeds and good nutritional value.
Cherries - available for most of the year and highly variable prices. Can be black, red or white. Have small round seeds and sweet flesh (see pic).
Cranberries - small sharp red fruit which makes good sauce.
Black Currants - small black clusters sold on the branch for freshness. Makes good sauce as has strong sharp taste.
red currantsRed Currants - small red clusters sold on the branch for freshness. Makes good sauce as has strong sharp taste (see pic).
White Currants (seasonal) - small white clusters sold on the branch for freshness. Makes good sauce as has strong sharp taste.
Gooseberries (seasonal) - pale green round berries. Sharp if green sweet if red (also called Levellers)
Raspberries - red clusters of sweet round seeds.
Strawberries - red smooth fruit with tiny white seeds. Wild are available for a small period in the summer.
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