cherry en vineMM Salad - standard salad tomato.
MMM Salad - smaller standard salad tomato.
Beef - largest tomato with slightly ridged skin.
Red Cherry - tiny baby tomatoes sold in punnets. Red version.
Yellow Cherry - tiny baby tomatoes sold in punnets. Yellow version.
Cherry En Vine - tiny tomatoes attached to the vine for maximum sweetness (see pic).
En Vine - large MM size sold with the vine attached for extra sweetness.
Plum - special oval shape and sweet tasting. The very best tomato.
plum en vinePlum en Vine - sold on the vine for even more sweetness (see pic).
Baby Plum - small sized oval plum tomatoes.
Baby Plum en Vine - small sized oval plum tomatoes attached to the vine for more sweetness.
Seconds - slightly softer and likely to have marked skin or irregular shape. Sold cheaply for soup or sauces.
Sun Blushed - dried tomatoes in oil. Intensified flavour.
Tom Berries - tiny pea-sized tomatoes. Red or yellow and sold in punnets.
Green - special variety which works well in salads. Slightly shaper taste.
Yellow - special yellow variety available in a number of sizes. Milder flavour.
Heirloom (seasonal) - exceptional tasting large tomato with ridged dark red skin.
Sun Dried - less popular now than in the nineties. More dried than sun blushed with an even more intensive flavour and dry skins.
Black Tomatoes - black skin with pink tinged center. Interesting sweet taste.
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Lettuce Heads
oak leaf lettuceCurly Spider - lettuce with long crunchy white or pale strands.
Little Gem - small heads of green lettuce with thick stems and a mild flavour.
Cos - long heads of lettuce. Also called Romaine.
Iceberg - round pale green densely clustered leaves with a tender texture.
Lollo Rosso - loose flowery head. Strongly flavoured with a red tinge to leaves.
Lollo Blonde - loose flowery head of strongly flavoured green lettuce.
Round Lettuce - loose round balls of light tasting green lettuce. Crispy leaves.
white chicoryOak Leaf - leaves of a shape similar to oak leaves. Red leaves (see pic).
Raddicchio - small red balls of crispy lettuce. White veins and stems.
Chicory - pointed dense clusters of strongly aniseed flavoured white and red leaves (see pic).
Baby Chicory - small dense clusters of white and red leaves.
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Cresses & Sprouting Beans
mixed cressShisu Cress - punnets of tiny purple leaves. Strong flavour for Japanese dishes.
Mustard Cress - standard salad cresses with a mustard flavour.
Affilia Cress - sprouting peas also known as ‘Pea Shoots.’ Long wispy ends and round sweet leaves.
Tahoon Cress - large round thicker leaves with strong greenery flavour.
Mixed Sakura Cress - five different types of cress depending on season. Three punnets of each.
Rock Chives - garlic tasting long lengths with black seeds on top (see pic).
Daikon Cress - horseradish flavoured small round leaves.
rock chivesBorage Cress - oyster and cucumber tasting large soft round leaves.
Bean sprouts - highly nutritious sprouts of mung beans with soft sprouts. Mild flavour and tender texture.
Mung Beans - less sprouted version of bean sprouts with more of the bean intact.
Mixed Sprouting Beans - a range of sprouted beans depending on season. Mixed flavours and textures.
Alfalfa Cress - small green seed with white sprouts. Grassy taste and highly nutritious.
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roquetteLoose Leaves
Pousse - small tender spinach leaves. Needs no cooking.
Mustard Leaves - strong mustard taste. Dark green leaves.
Roquette - strong peppery flavour. Long green feathered leaves (see pic).
Watercress - large round leaves on long stalks. Intense sour and peppery flavour.
Pissenlit - also known as dandelion leaf. Long feathery leaves, peppery taste like Roquette.
baby red chardBaby Red Chard - small red leaves with red veins and tender texture. Peppery taste (see pic).
Corn Salad - delicate green leaf grown in sand so must be cleaned carefully. Sweet taste.
Mizuna - baby leaf similar to Roquette with a mild mustard flavour.
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Radish - available in bunches of the longer French breakfast variety with a nutty sweetness or packets of trimmed round radish with a milder flavour (see pic).
Cucumber - long dark green and usually from Holland. Clean watery flavour.
Ridge Cucumber - small, darker with raised nodules. For pickling and gherkins.
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