baby carrotsRoot Vegetables
Carrots - standard carrots from England.
Donkey Carrots - the largest carrots, easy to peel and chop.
Dutch Finger Carrot - smaller carrots. Longer, less preparation required.
Chantenay Carrots - short stubby carrots, need no peeling.
Baby Carrots - small bunches, need no peeling. Foliage attached (see pic).
Cooked Beetroot - ready peeled and cooked.
Pre-Packed Beetroot - small vac-packed packets of 4-6 small peeled, cooked.
Raw Beetroot - raw beetroot usually tennis ball size.
Baby Beetroot - small beetroots sold in bunches with foliage attached.
Mouli - large white long Japanese radish.
kohl rabiParsnips - white, long with tough skin which must be peeled.
Swede - large, round with yellow flesh and tough skin.
Baby Turnips - small white fleshed round turnips sold by the bunch with foliage.
Kohl Rabi - green flesh and skin with shoestrings (see pic).
Turnips - tennis ball sized purple skinned veg with white flesh.
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English Green CabbagesCabbages
Savoy - the tastiest cabbage with textured skin.
Green - tender leaves loosely packed. Bright green colour (see pic).
Red - purple, red colour. Usually smaller and sweeter taste.
Hispy - thicker leaves dark green colour. Pointed shape. Similar to Choux Pontou.
Choux Pontou - thicker leaves dark green in colour. Pointed shape. Similar to Hispy cabbage.
Spring Greens - thick veined but with tender leaves.
cavelo neroWhite - tender leaves closely packed. Pale green colour.
Cavelo Nero - dark green long leaves with thick vein and little leaf curl (see pic).
Baby Savoy - small golf ball sized Savoy cabbages with textured leaves.
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Chippies Choice - standard potato best for making chips.
mid potatoesKing Edwards - English variety. Great for roasting.
Maris Piper - great taste for mash, roasting and chips.
Jumbo Maris Piper - larger size for easier peeling.
Red - red skin with white flesh. Lower Gycemic Index than most potatoes.
Jumbo Red - larger version of the red potato for easier peeling.
Sweet Orange - sweet with orange flesh and slightly stringy texture.
Jacket Potatoes - round size and tasty skin specially for jackets. Three sizes.
Mids - small Baby new potatoes, round shape and smooth skin (see pic).
Large Mids - larger new potatoes.
Jersey Mids (seasonal) - new potatoes from Jersey. Tastiest potato in the world.
Ratte Mids - knobbly shaped potatoes with great taste and thin skin.
truffle midsHeritage Potatoes - special old English varieties from Northumberland. Several usually kept in stock.
Yukon Gold Potato - originally from Canada. Superior baking potato with delicious flavour. Makes the best mash.
Truffle Mids - dark purple coloured flesh for novelty crisps and mash (see pic).
Red Mids - red potato in baby potato size.
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french beansBeans & Peas
Broad Beans - large beans must be podded.
French Beans - long fine beans can be supplied top & tailed.
Medium French Beans - slightly thicker stems.
Canadian Wonder Beans - flat beans originating from Canada. Can be chopped and cooked.
Runner Beans - wonderful seasonal beans.
sugar snap peasPeas - can be eaten raw or cooked. Must be podded.
Sugar Snap Peas - thicker stubby beans with thick skin. Eaten whole or chopped (see pic).
Mange Tout - thin but wide tender beans eaten whole or chopped.
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button mushroomButton - smallest standard mushroom. White colour and caps. Cultivated (see pic).
Cup - small Flat mushroom. White caps with brown gills on underside. Cultivated.
Flat - large cup mushroom with flat white cap and brown gills on underside. Cultivated.
Portobello - brown cap with brown gills. Largest of the cultivated mushrooms.
Blewitt - white cap with blue tinged stalk. Must be cooked as poisonous prior to cooking. Can be either Cultivated or Wild.
Ceps (seasonal) - the best tasting wild mushroom. Brown cap and white stalk. Vulnerable to maggots and taste is better in smaller specimens.
Chanterelles (seasonal) - long thin mushrooms with cone shaped cap. Stalk is either yellow or grey depending on type. Wild Type.
Girolles (seasonal) - yellow cone shape with gills on underside or cap. Dense texture and excellent taste. Wild Type.
mixed wild exoticMixed Wild and Exotic (variable) - punnets of mixed seasonal wild and exotic mushrooms. Varies depending on availability (see pic).
Morels (seasonal) - unusual shape. Brown sponge-like mushroom with pores. Only available in spring as Wild Type. Excellent taste.
Mousserons (seasonal) - small ‘fairy-ring’ mushrooms with white or brown cap and gills on cap underside. Smallest mushroom. Wild Type.
Oyster - white, pink or yellow. Large flat mushroom with gills on underside. Exotic cultivated mushroom.
pied de moutonPied De Mouton (seasonal) - yellow with small soft hairs on underside which must be cleaned away. Great Taste. Wild type (see pic).
Shiitake - brown cap with white gills on underside. Slight white mottling on cap. Exotic Type.
Enoki - thin long white mushrooms also called ‘straw mushroom’ topped with small white caps. Exotic Type.
Shimeji - clusters of brown capped mushroom with pale stalks joined together in a bunch. Exotic Type.
Chestnut - brown with lighter stem. Also called Paris Brown. Cultivated Type.
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onions & garlicOnions & Garlic
Button - small onion used for pickling and cooking whole. Can be supplied peeled.
Large Spanish - largest brown onion. Mild flavour. Often from Spain.
Shallot - small light brown skinned onions with exceptional sweet flavour. Can be cooked whole or supplied peeled.
Banana Shallots - taste as shallots but banana shape helps with chopping.
red onionMedium Brown - Mild Basic brown skinned onion. Stronger flavour.
White - white papery skins. Unique mild, sweet flavour. Popular in Italian foods.
Red - can be eaten raw and have a fantastic dark red or purple colour. Also taste milder than brown onions (see pic).
Spring Onions - long thin stems with white bulb and green ends. Most of the green stalk can also be used. Similar taste to chives.
smoked garlicGarlic - white bulb containing eight to ten cloves. Larger cloves have a milder flavour. One of the strongest flavours with great medicinal properties
Smoked Garlic - smoked over special woods to add flavour to the cloves (see pic).
Pink Garlic - purple and pink skinned garlic has a milder and sweeter flavour.
Garlic Puree - chopped and squashed garlic ready to use.
Peeled Garlic - cloves peeled and ready to chop.
Silverskin Onion - smallest of all the onions. Sweet flavour, great for pickling.
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basilBasil - warm spicy smell and flavour. Adds great flavour to mediterranean foods. Works well with tomato dishes(see pic).
Red Basil - beautiful sweet deep purple variety.
Thai Basil - basil with a slight spicy sent overlaying the characteristic basil sent.
Bay Leaf - firm and shiny leaves. Key ingredient of bouquet garni.
Chervil - lacy fan-like leaves flavour similar to parsley with a hint of aniseed.
Chives - classically used for French cooking. Long thin dark green lengths.
Citronelle - small sticks crush and use in cooking to add a Thai lemon like flavour. Must be removed before eating.
Coriander - aromatic spicy flavour works well with chilli. Lacy flat leaves.
Dill - available wild and in seed or pollen form. When fresh forms feathery leaves with aniseed taste.
Edible Flowers - large range which varies with season.
Ivy Leaves - decorative leaves with must not be eaten.
Lemon Balm - lemon scented leaves.
Lemon Thyme - lemon overtones. Goes very well with fish.
Lime Leaves - leaves from a special type of lime tree. Important in Thai cooking. Sold frozen.
Marjoram - used to flavour tomatoes. Very similar to Oregano.
Mint - long stalks with leaves with a strong mint flavour for cooking and cocktails.
Mint Tips - sold without the stalks and stems ready to go into drinks or recipes whole.
Oregano - also known as Wild Marjoram. Strong flavour with a high concentration of essential oils.
English Parsley - the curly variety. Milder flavour than flat leaf and is harder to chop. Key component of bouquet garni.
Continental Parsley - flat large fan-like leaves and the most widely used herb.
Rosemary - powerful aromatic herb best used in moderation. Either remove after cooking or chop very finely.
Sage - strong flavour so best used sparingly. Soft slightly furry silvery green leaf.
thymeSorrel - long thin leaves.
Tarragon - slender green leaves aromatic flavour with a slight hint of aniseed. Strangely cooling.
Thyme - tiny greyish-green with deep rich flavour (see pic).
Vine Leaves - large flat leaves in dark green colour. Tenderises when cooked.
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Leafy Veg
Leeks - delicate mildly onion flavour.
Spinach - large leaf spinach with strong veins and dark green leaves.
sea kaleBaby Leeks - thin, similar size to spring onions. Tender texture, strong onion flavour.
Fennel - bulbs with aniseed flavour. Often available with leaf attached.
Celery - large stems with central leaf. Fibrous with a great taste.
Sea Kale (seasonal) - pale coloured stems with small pales leaves (see pic).
Baby Fennel - small long bunches with tender texture.
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Cauliflower - white florets with leaves. Mild flavour.
Calabrese - green florets with tender stems. Kept iced for freshness.
Purple Broccoli - long tender stems with purple heads. Small leaves on stems.
Brussel Sprouts - golf ball sized closely clustered. Deep green colour.
Romanesque - pale green florets, pointed ends. Taste similar to cauliflower (see pic).
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romano & baby bell peppersRed Capsicums - large red peppers usually from Holland.
Orange Capsicums - large orange peppers usually from Holland.
Green Capsicums - large green peppers usually from Holland.
Yellow Capsicums - large orange peppers usually from Holland.
Baby Bell Peppers - small miniature peppers in a range of colours (see pic).
Red Romero Peppers - long red peppers with a hotter taste (see pic).
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snub-nose & birds eye chilliesChillies
Green Chillies - an under ripe long chilli with a milder flavour.
Red Chillies - a ripe long chilli with strong flavour. Heat is mostly in the seeds.
Birds Eye Chillies - small very hot chillies. Heat intensifies with age (see pic).
Snub Nose Chillies - stubby chilli taste similar to a normal chilli (see pic).
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Asparagus - English when in Season
white asparagusJumbo - thickest stemmed green asparagus.
X/Select - medium stemmed green asparagus.
Choice - thin stemmed green asparagus.
White - slight blue tinge to the tip. Several sizes may be available (see pic).
Thai - very thin green asparagus grown in Thailand.
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Squashes & Gourds
pumpkinButternut - orange flesh sweet taste. Hard skin which must be peeled.
Pumpkin - large with hard skin & orange flesh. Sweet taste. From France or England (see pic).
Acorn - small green acorn shape but larger squash with yellow flesh.
Marrow - large long round courgette type with striped skin. Mild flavour.
Courgettes - small long round with green skin.
Baby Courgettes - smallest version with darker green skin and thin edible skins.
yellow patti pansSpaghetti - small round green with a fibrous texture.
Patti Pans (Yellow) - also called a custard marrow. Taste similar to marrow but much smaller. Smooth yellow skin (see pic).
Patti Pans (Green) - also called a custard marrow. Taste similar to marrow but much smaller. Smooth Green skin.
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Artichokes - Seasonal
violet artichokesJerusalem - slight purple tinge to skin. Overlapping scales on skin. Soft nutty flesh inside. Must be peeled.
Crones - long knobbly white tubers with a unique artichoke flavour.
Globe - largest artichoke with large leaves which can be removed from the heart.
Baby Globe - smaller round artichoke with tender leaves which can be cooked and eaten whole.
Baby Violet - purple version is longer and leaves are even thinner (see pic).
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